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Surfing Story

I posted this on my blogger site that I use mostly for videos. Maybe one day I will make some videos about my surfing stories. I recently found [..]

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Volontie 1 Preparing For Sailing Challenge

What is Volontie 1 and what sailing challenge is what you are probably asking yourself. Ihave some information below but to summarize this has all the adventure of [..]

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Military in Baghdad

Today’s encouragement quote is about remembering others. Bob Hope: Quotes about Helping If you haven’t any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. [..]

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Encourage A Military Man Or Woman

Image via Wikipedia Happy July 4th to the USA! They said a Republic would never last this long. The USA is still fairly young, and we still have [..]

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Remembering Old Fashioned Mail…

How many of you still use old fashioned mail? I never ever thought I would be calling it that, and maybe that will be another one of my [..]

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