Starting Something New

When you start something new do you just jump in at full speed ahead with child like abandonment? Or do you figure that you better start a new project slowly with lots of thoughts and planning?
Do you act on impulse or with purpose? Maybe starting something new, and how you go about it depends on what it is.
When I was in my 20s I had a lot of friends in their 40s and on up. One of my better friends was a man who was in his early 60s. He had daughters who were older than me, but we all had a common bond. We surfed. I was so impressed that there were people so much older than me who would still go surfing. They were so young at heart.

The friend of mine was approaching his 62 birthday, and he decided for his birthday he wanted all of us to go skiing. His wife, also in her 60s, skied, and he wanted to be able to go with her. A friend of ours had a ski shop and he offered to give us lessons at night after the shop was closed. He had a ramp in his shop that we could ski down. I thought that was awesome.

Now this seemed to be so spur of the moment. We had 4 weeks before my friend’s birthday. There were about 6 of us who would go to the ski shop once a week to take our skiing lessons. His daughters were avid skiers, and so was his son, so they did not have to go. We all learned enough to be able to make the skiing trip on my friend’s birthday.

Before the sun even rose we all met and piled into a couple of cars. Our friend with the shop had donated all of our equipment for the day, so all we had to pay for were our lift tickets. We got pointed in the the direction of the beginner hills and we were all off to give it a try. There were so many smiles that day, and I still smile thinking about it.

Since my friend in his 60s decided to try something new, and just went for it, he brought so much happiness to all of the people who shared that special birthday with him. If he sat and planned it out and thought that maybe he would get hurt, we never would have had that moment. I would say that once in a while you need to go back to that childhood “no fear” stage and get out there and try something new. Include others, and make some new memories.

Never be afraid to ask your friends or acquaintances to join you in a new adventure. It just might surprise you who says, “yes”.

*This is a true story that is a part of my life. Thanks for reading*

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