How Do You Play?

Inspiration from this encouragement quote came from the Greek Philosopher, Plato.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.

Now just how is this an encouragement quote? At first I wondered about that, too, but then when I really stopped to think about it, it all made more sense. I think before any couple gets engaged they need to go play miniature golf, or tennis, or maybe even for a bicycle ride, or play a wii game.

The way a person plays is definitely their inner side coming out. If they are aggressive and must win at all costs that is how they are going to feel about most situations. How many of you have had close friends, or even dated someone who seemed so nice until you got into a competitive situation with them?

How many relationships have ended after a game of cards? I remember having a friend once who liked to play cards. I usually am not all that lucky in cards, but this day I was. She would not let me leave until she finally won a game. Then everything was fine.

You can feel encouraged by this quote if you believe it. Look at professional athletes, and the temper tantrums they throw on national television. What about the players that are constantly spitting? Of course someone hopefully won’t be doing that on a first date, but what if they start doing that once they get more familiar with you.

When people are at play, they are more relaxed or more focused on winning and there might be the tendency to let the bad habits surface. This is a good thing if someone is starting to think seriously about a long term relationship with someone.

People can hide a lot when on situations where best behavior is required, but when you are playing a sport or another sort of game the atmosphere is a whole lot more relaxed. People can get caught up in the moment very easily, and surprise you with their actions.

Maybe if you think about this quote from Plato, you will want to go shoot some pool with someone a few times before you decide this is Mr. Right or Ms. Wonderful.

This quote applies to everyone of all ages. Parents might want to pay attention to how their kids play and correct bad behavior right away. Just because athletes are glorified for fighting when things do not go their way, it is not a behavior you would want to deal with being around on a daily basis, is it?

Hockey fights sell tickets. However, that person is different off the ice. When they are on the ice they are “working” and providing entertainment. Fighting is part of the job. Unfortunately this behavior is not the best for impressionable people to watch.

Most of us are never being watched by scouts when we are at play.
Our chances of being drafted onto a pro team are slim, no matter how pro we think we are. Play is for fun and stress release. If people can not play fair, and be a good sport about it, then what will they do when they are competing in the job market or on getting a promotion at work?

I think this is a quote worth remembering, and I do hope you find insight and encouragement from it. I bet some of you have funny stories about when someone took a game way too seriously. If you want to share them that would be great.

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6 responses to How Do You Play?

  1. This is so true. I dated a girl once who was terrific but when she got into a competition she was a terrible looser and a worse winner. A complete turn off! Good idea to go put put golfing!
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  2. Rocque

    This is so funny. I was the worst at miniature golf, and bowling, and pool. People used to want me to go play these games just so they could laugh.
    I could never take it very seriously.

    Your comment brings back embarrassing memories.


  3. I think you could also state here that how you lose is also a huge factor. Some are ab;e to walk away like a winner while others look like losers even while they are at the top.
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  4. Rocque

    Alex that is so true. So many professional athletes make bad behavior seem like it is a necessary part of being a pro. It sends the wrong message to all the young people watching.

  5. One of the reasons that I started a home based business was so that I could earn more income. By earning more income I would have more time to play. I want a lot of playing time. Thanks for the post.
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  6. Rocque

    Larry you sound a lot like me, however having a home business can be time consuming. What I like about is you can choose when you work. So if you have an errand to run you do not have to beg for time off to do it. Being your own boss is really great when you can succeed at it. I keep working toward that goal, too.