It is time to make this blog more active

I think I have too many blogs but I just do not know how to put them all into one. I sort of get carried away with them. There is so much I need to do. I love to write so that is why I have a lot of blogs. I have made blogs for all the different things I am interested in instead of one major blog with everything in it. I am starting to wonder which is the best way to go.

We will see what the future holds. I really like this blog, but have not found a theme I feel comfortable with. Maybe this summer.

More later.

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My Christmas Wish-Peace On Earth

As some of you know I am making a lot of animations over on Go!Animate. This is a song that I have wanted to set to animation for quite some time. Life can change in a heartbeat. It is a shame that so many people can spend it in a negative way rather than by celebrating each day, and striving for peace.
This video can be quite emotional so I hope you will have a tissue close by.
If you enjoy the video please choose to comment or give it a tweet, a like or share it on Google Plus. A Christmas Wish-Peace On Earth by Rocque

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!

I hope you enjoy this Christmas Season.

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Bob Marley~Three Little Birds

There are a lot of songs about Don’t Worry and Be Happy in all situations. I just really like this one by Bob Marley. It is encouraging music, too. If you know a bit about Bob Marley’s life it makes you appreciate the music even more. I am adding this video to YouTube, too, but to preserve the copy right issues I will change the music. You can buy Music like this on Amazon. Since I live in California, I can no longer be an affiliate.

That is a whole new topic for discussion. I hope you will watch the video and enjoy it, recommend it, and share it. Bob Marley sings Three Little Birds by Rocque

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!

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Surfing Story

I posted this on my blogger site that I use mostly for videos. Maybe one day I will make some videos about my surfing stories.
I recently found out that someone I knew for years was really young when Pearl Harbor was bombed. His father was stationed there in the US Navy. He said he remembers seeing the planes and all the noise of the explosions since they lived nearby in military housing.
They moved to Long Beach, and he was one of my idols when I was a kid. I would see him drive up and down our street with his surfboards on his car as he was either going surfing or returning from surfing.

I always wanted to ask him to take me surfing, but there were too many obstacles…my parents, probably would have killed me if I even talked to him. I was just a little kid, and he was probably in high school.
Years later though we ended up on the same surfing team! He had no clue who I was other than a girl who surfed, but I knew who he was most of my life. Life is funny because you never know what patterns it will weave for you. When I said, I remember you from 35th Street, he was amazed.

The idea that we would ever surf on the same surfing team was wild. I always wanted to surf! Chuck Linnen is his name and this year he was inducted into the Surfing Hall of Fame and Walk of Fame in Huntington Beach. He went to the main Catholic schools in Long Beach, and I went to the public ones. He graduated, joined the US Navy, and left the neighborhood.

I thought that was the last of Chuck Linnen, the guy who surfed big waves in Hawaii. This summer we chatted at a reunion of our surfing team. Actually we were inducted into the Walk of Fame together as members of the Hole In The Wall Gang. We have a few Hall of Famers who were part of our team. It was great to chat with Chuck. Two people from the same neighborhood with entirely different lives. Sometimes you wonder what ever happened to people. Once in a while you are lucky enough to find out.

I have other stories about Chuck, and hopefully, once I get better at my computer art I can share them in video cartoons.

I also published this here: Huntington Beach Surfing Hall of Fame-Chuck Linnen

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Volontie 1 Foundation

What is the Volontie 1 Foundation? Sometimes you have to hit the bottom more than once to finally begin that long journey to discover your true potential. Sometimes life hits us with extreme lemons, and making something good out of it seems impossible. However we see extreme survivors throughout life. We never know what challenges life will hand us, and it is a gift that there are people like Eric Charsky who turn the negatives into positives on a daily basis. You can find out more on his website, Volontie 1 Website

Hopefully this video will give you more insights into the life of Eric Charsky. I will be featuring more here in the future.

Please let me know what you think. Comments on YouTube are greatly appreciated.

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This is a really cute animation if I say so myself. I made it using Go!Animate. I heard the story about the butterfly’s struggle to escape from the cocoon years ago and thought it would be fun to put into an animation. I hope you enjoy it.

I tied it in with Angels because I wanted it to have that feel to it, that we have to work for everything that we get in life. Watch the video and see what you think (please and thank you).

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Animation and Creativity For Stress Reduction

I am not a doctor or a health practitioner, but I do know that laughter is ofen called the best medicine, and can reduce stress. Calming music can also reduce stress. Here is one of the many great videos made by a Go!Animate artist, but featured on YouTube. So far it only has 2 views on YouTube but hundreds on Go!Animate. It seems that the people on YouTube just do not see many GA videos.

I have to share this because it is very relaxing to watch, and might inspire you to do something creative today. What can you do to laugh today, or to be creative? Do you draw, paint, garden, sew, play with children, watch animations, cartoons, anime?

Let your artistic or creative side open up, even if you are playing an “air” guitar. I think you will find your day turns into one with a smile in it.

I almost forgot the link and to embed the video. Here it is.

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It Is Never Too Late For Mother’s Day

I started making this cartoon for Mother’s Day, and to show to my mother. However, it took longer than I though. I wanted to see if I could progress in some of the more advanced techniques. It took a while with work and everything else I am trying to do to get it completed, but now it is up and running on YouTube, if you care to go there and add comments or add them here that is great.

Let me know how you liked the video.

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Redoing FaithnHopenLove

Please watch as my blog goes through some changes. I will be working on it over the next few days as time permits.

I am looking forward to a better format to share all I want to share.

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Hello readers,

I am changing my theme around because I am making more and more videos. Yes I am going in a new direction and intend to showcase them here as well as other places when they are Encouraging and Positive as most are.

I still get most of my ideas from emails I get. Now is your chance to stay in contact with my phone app. It is free to use and you won’t get any calls from me. I am way too busy to spend time chatting on the phone. However you can contact me via FaceBook, or Google Buzz, or here is best. I always read my comments.

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